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The Dogs / Les Chiens
<span>Bailley, Peggy, Suzette, Jenny & Wizza:</span> <span>Exterior:</span> <span>Paddock:</span> <span>Tunnel:</span> WS Paddock.jpg<span>Tyre - pneus:</span> <span>Corridor:</span> <span>Room 1:</span> <span>radiator, fan & night-light:</span> <span>courtyard:</span> <span>Room 3:</span> <span>thermometer:</span> <span>Benjie, Billie & Wizza:</span> <span>Billie:</span> <span>Cass & Coco:</span> <span>Cass:</span> <span>Celia & Spunky:</span> <span>Celia:</span> <span>Coco & Cass:</span> <span>Domino3.jpg:</span> <span>Domino:</span> <span>Ellie:</span> <span>Ellie digging:</span> <span>Ellie going to make her bed:</span> <span>Image1121.jpg:</span> <span>Lottie Wizza coco Cass:</span> <span>Lottie:</span> <span>Maty with Suzette:</span> <span>Maty:</span> <span>Maty, Wizza & Diesel:</span> <span>Miss Jessica:</span> <span>Niva Ferdi:</span> <span>Rory.jpg:</span> Rory<span>Spunky:</span> <span>Sunka:</span> <span>Wizza & Snuffy:</span> <span>Wizza, Cass & Snuffy:</span> <span>Wizza, Lottie Coco & Cass:</span>
Bailley, Peggy, Suzette, Jenny & WizzaExteriorPaddockTunnelTyre - pneusCorridorRoom 1radiator, fan & night-lightcourtyardRoom 3thermometerBenjie, Billie & WizzaBillieCass & CocoCassCelia & SpunkyCeliaCoco & CassDomino3.jpgDominoEllieEllie diggingEllie going to make her bedImage1121.jpgLottie Wizza coco CassLottieMaty with SuzetteMatyMaty, Wizza & DieselMiss JessicaNiva FerdiRory.jpgSpunkySunkaWizza & SnuffyWizza, Cass & SnuffyWizza, Lottie Coco & Cass